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Ceiling lights

For London stock enquiries please call 020 7371 7573 or email. To receive stock updates click here
1970's clear and white oval  Murano glass discs chandelier{br}h.30 diam.36cm{br}700 re-wired
1970's Sciolari pendant with moulded glass shades{br}h.75 diam.80cm{br}1300 re-wired
1970's staggered Murano glass tubes chandelier{br}h.45 diam.30cm{br}750 re-wired
1970's 4 level clear hexagonal Murano glass tubes chandelier{br}h.60 diam.40cm{br}1300
1950's 6 branch brass and painted steel chandelier{br}h.50 diam.40cm{br}600 re-wired
White, clear and blue Murano glass chandelier{br}h.40 diam.38cm{br}700 re-wired
1970's pendant of blue glass discs on a chrome frame{br}h.25 diam.20cm{br}250 re-wired
1970's gold on steel Sciolari pendant. h.90 diam. 42cm{br}1000 re-wired
Mid 20thc 18 branch Marie-Therese chandelier{br}h.80 diam.80cm{br}1600
1970's aluminium 10 branch Sciolari pendant{br}h.45 diam.38cm{br}500 re-wired
White and clear spiral form Murano glass tubes chandelier{br}h.60 diam.45cm{br}1400
1970's pendant of smoked glass on a chrome frame{br}h.45 diam.26cm{br}450 re-wired
Pair of 1970's Murano tube chandeliers on a chrome frame{br}h.85 (adjustable) diam.54cm{br}2400
1970's 3 level hexagonal Murano glass tubes chandelier{br}h.50 diam.40cm{br}1200
Pair of 1970's opaque and white bubble tubes chandeliers{br}h.51 diam.40cm{br}£1900 - 1 AVAIL @ £950
Small 1970's chandelier of thin glass rods {br}h.18 diam.32cm{br}£450
Pair of 1970's drum form Murano glass bars chandeliers{br}h.40 diam.40cm{br} 2400 pair
1970's opaque Murano discs chandelier on a chrome frame{br}h.60 diam.46cm{br}1200
1970's brass and smoked glass discs chandelier{br}h.45 diam.40cm{br}750
1960's heavy coloured Murano glass pendant by poliart, one repair visible on orange piece (see detail){br}h.18 diam.65cm{br}£950
1970's textured glass and steel globe{br}h.29 diam.32cm{br}ã500
Square form chandelier of heavy handmade glass pieces{br}h.52 w/d.46cm{br}1500
1950's heavy white opaline globe with clear glass bands{br}diam.23cm{br}350 reserved
Unusual 1970's chandelier with very pale pink triangular form murano glass tubes{br}h.74 diam.29cm{br}£650
1970's opaline pendant{br}diam.35cm{br}380
1970's opaline globe light on a chrome support{br}diam.32 height 82cm (adjustable){br}450
1970's blue glass pendant{br}h.35 diam.22cm{br}£280
1970's globe pendant suspended on a brass frame{br}diam.32 h.40cm (ex chain){br}450
Large 1970's murano chandelier with wavy form glass pieces hanging from a circular cage{br}h.55 diam.55cm{br}£950
Large 1950's 16 branch cut glass chandelier{br}h.92 diam.112cm{br}2200 re-wired
Early 20thc clear and purple glass drops chandelier{br}h.58 diam.53cm{br}1000
Early 20thc tiered clear glass 8 branch chandelier{br}h.95 diam.68cm{br}£1600
Larger size and good quality early 20thc Marie-Therese chandelier{br}h.81 diam.93cm{br}2400
Large 1940's 6 branch Barrovier chandelier{br}h.108 diam.88cm{br}1900{br}(click for detailed image) (Click to enlarge)
1940's Barrovier Murano glass pendant{br}h.81 w.36 d.25cm{br}£500
Clear Murano glass 4 arm chandelier with etched decoration on shades{br}h.83cm w.83cm{br}** WAS £950, NOW £650 **
1940's Barrovier pendant{br}h.88 w.44 d.26cm{br}£450
1930's Venini 8 branch chandelier{br}h.127cm w.61cm d.68cm {br}** WAS £2750, NOW £1900 **
1950's brass frame lantern with curved glass case{br}h.70 diam.30cm{br}ã700
1970's 16 branch brass Sciolari pendant{br}h.91 diam.80cm{br}£1200
1960's forged iron 8 branch chandelier with heavy Murano glass shades by Poliart{br}h.100 diam.70cm{br}1500
1960's rectangular form brass and clear glass pendant{br}h.45 w.48 d.30cm (height adjustable){br}£600
1950's pendant with curved glass panels{br}h.91 w.24 d.14cm{br}£450
1960's rectangular form brass and smoked glass pendant{br}h.45 w.48 d.30cm (height adjustable){br}£600
1960's pendant with hexagonal smoked glass discs{br}h.85 (adjustable) diam.46cm{br}600
1950's brass and 4 Murano glass pendants{br}h.64 w.18 d.18{br}£220
1950's brass and Murano glass Seguso pendant{br}h.75 diam.60cm{br}1300
1950's brass and cream painted steel 3 branch pendant{br}h.87 (can be reduced) diam.27cm {br}500
Good quality 1950's brass and patterned glass pendant{br}h.80 diam.42cm{br}£700
1940's chandelier with 7 curved brass arms{br}h.83 diam.46cm{br}£650
1930's brass and opaque glass 6 sided lantern{br}h.78 diam.28cm{br}£500
1970's chandelier with chrome tubes and blue glass balls suspended from a circular plate. {br}h. 90cm diam. 40cm{br}£800
1960/70's chandelier from the 'Sciolari' factory, 8 bulbs behind hanging glass discs and chrome reflectors. {br}h. 104cm w. 52cm{br}£1050 {br}
1970's polished steel hoops chandelier {br}h.38 diam.50cm{br}£900
1970's brushed steel flower form pendant{br}h.17 diam.62cm{br}280
1970's steel pendant with white interiors{br}h.42 diam.49cm{br}£450
1970's cone form steel pendant{br}h.25 diam.49cm{br}200 inc further cleaning
Pair of large mid 20th industrial pendants{br}h.80 diam.47cm{br}£700 for the pair
1970's 7 branch Sciolari aluminium pendant{br}h.84 (adjustable) diam.38cm{br}600
1970's pendant by Reggiani with 9 adjustable chrome spots{br}h.131 (adjustable) diam.40cm{br}£750
1970's pendant with 3 large clear and white glass balls on a chrome frame{br}h.110 diam.60cm{br}£1100
Pair of 1940's oak and frosted glass lanterns{br}h.26 diam.20cm{br}£340
Early 20thc painted iron light, h.60cm, £250
Pendant of concentric copper rings on a black painted cone{br}h.41 diam.31cm{br}350
1950's alluminium globe light, h.85cm, £180
One of a large quantity of 1950's opaque glass pendants{br}h.20 diam.35cm{br}£120 each re-wired
Pair of 1960's green painted lanterns by Seguso{br}h.60 diam.18cm{br}£1100
1960's 4 white tube chandelier{br}h.70cm (adjustable) w.50cm{br}£380
3 from a group of  clear and white Murano glass pendants{br}Quantities from left 7,1,1{br}h.37 diam.25cm (avg){br}�ã270 each
Large 1970's globe pendant{br}h.90 diam.54cm{br}£700
Large red painted industrial pendant light with hooped ring support c.1950{br}h.48 diam.46cm{br}£300 each{br}More/bespoke colours available
Large yellow painted industrial pendant light with hooped ring support c.1950{br}h.48 diam.46cm{br}£300 each{br}More/bespoke colours available
Pair of 1950's opaque and clear striped glass pendants with bottle green painted fittings and cups{br}h.46 diam.12cm{br}£360 for the pair
1970's black and clear perspex pendant{br}h.25 diam.49cm{br}200
2 1970's coloured glass and steel pendants{br}h.28 diam.15cm{br}£250 each
1960's steel and glass pendant by Sergio Mazza{br}h.60 diam.25cm{br}£400
Set of 3 chrome and perspex pendants{br}h.29 diam.10cm{br}480
pair of 1970's clear and gold rippled Murano glass plaffoniers on a brass frame{br}h.8 diam.44cm{br}£300 each
Small lantern with etched glass panels{br}h.30 diam.17cm{br}£100