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Beds can be converted to order and covered in purchaser's choice of material.

For York stock enquiries please call 01904 400561 or email. To receive stock updates click here
Louis XV style charming French upholstered bed with identical head and foot{br}{br}Mattress size 4ft.6ins{br}{br}{br}£1400 inc base & new mattress and reupholstery ex.fabric costs
{br}Louis XV,rococo Queen size bed. To include new base and mattress.{br}{br}{br}Click image for detail{br}{br}£1750.00 (Click to enlarge)
Louis XV buttoned curved-foot bed in original pink velvet.{br}Will take a 4'11'' mattress{br}{br}£2000 including custom made base and mattress{br} (Click to enlarge)
Louis XVI style bed in a pale pink and white paintwork.{br}Takes a 54" wide mattress{br}{br}£1800 incl. new base & mattress, and upholstery ex. fabric
Louis XV double bed in pink buttoned velvet split in 3 panels.{br}{br}Takes a 54" mattress{br}{br}£2000 incl. custom made base & mattress
Early 1800's Breton style upholstered bed with carved flower detail{br}{br}Mattress size 4ft 6ins{br}{br}{br}£1400 inc base & new mattress and reupholstery ex.fabric costs{br} (Click to enlarge)
19th.Century French upholstered bed with top "roll" detail and carving on head and foot, hardwood frame{br}{br}Mattress size 4ft 9ins{br}{br}£1800 inc base & new mattress and reupholstery ex.fabric costs
Louis XV style quarter veneered walnut  bed {br} Will take a 4ft 3" mattress  {br}(head : 150cm wide x 145cm high) {br}{br}£885 inc. new base & mattress{br} (Click to enlarge)
Louis XV style bed, with olive green painted frame, original paintwork.  {br}(Head:148cm W x 121cm H;{br} Foot: 148cm W x 71cm H)  {br}£1700 including base and mattress   (Click to enlarge)
Early 1800's bed  with original paintwork, to be upholstered in customer's fabric{br}Mattress size:185cm long x 115cm wide{br}{br}£1100 inc new base & mattress; and{br} re-upholstery ex.fabric costs (Click to enlarge)
 Louis XVI style polished wood bed with beautiful inlay. Will take a 4ft 6in mattress{br} {br}(205cm long: headboard 140cm high){br} {br}£1650 inc. new base & mattress
19th.C. French "scroll" upholstered bed, hardwood frame with carved detail{br}(75cm high at foot, 121cmH at head){br}Takes a 4'9" wide mattress.{br}    {br}£1800incl.new base/mattress & upholstery ex.fabric  (Click to enlarge)
Early rustic oak bed from a North Yorkshire house.{br} Will take mattress 6'3" long{br} {br}(143cm wide x 120cmH head & 76cmH foot)  {br}  {br}£1850 incl. new base & mattress{br}
Louis XV style bed with curved foot, will take a 4'7" mattress{br} {br}(70cm high at foot, 119cm H at head){br}   {br}£1700 incl. new base/mattress & upholstery, ex.fabric {br}
Upholstered bed with beautiful swan neck carving on head and foot{br}Will take a double mattress{br}{br}(Headboard 94cm high; foot 62cm high){br}{br}£1600 incl. upholstery ex. fabric