Vas Bets

Vas Bets

Decades of creating canvases, murals and sculpture opened up my horizons and strengthened my devotion to stylistic pluralism. Most of my work lives in private homes. Residential peaces can be personalized to a higher degree than public work. Casino murals are unique in dramatic flair. Clear rhythm, strong colours and creative lighting results in dynamic and unforgettable experiences. Another favorite is tropical vegetation. It is a joy to paint.. I think it evokes the Garden of Eden, archetype shared by most of us born in temperate climate. Latest canvases and sculptural peaces result from my continuous obsession with meaning-making.



Childhood spent in Belarus, USSR.
Lived in Moscow 1982 - 1989
Since 1990 living between London, Rio de Janeiro and Miami


Architectural College in Minsk, Belarus, 1976-1980;
Moscow Univercity of Poligraphy and Art, 1985-1989;
Restoration Course of Antonio Alves de Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro 2000-2001;
True Fresco cource of Sergio Prata, Sao Paulo 2002;
Stained Glass cource, London, 2003
Sculpture cource of Mazaredo, Rio de Janeiro, 2006


--Signature wall feature for FEDE Design new office, Miami,
--Installation of unique ceilings for NOBU restaurant, Miami Beach, first paper ceilings in the US
--2.500 sq ft jungle murals. South Beach night club;
--Monumental murals for a number of casinos in Oklahoma, USA,
--Scenography for the Bank of Brazil Cultural Centers in Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo,
--Lobby murals at Sao Marco hotel, Ipanema
--Murals for Embratel telecom, Rio de Janeiro,
--Murals at the atrium of Carioca Shopping Mall, Rio de Janeiro,
--Abstract murals at the CasaCor2000
interior design show, Rio de Janeiro,
--Murals at Tijuca Shopping, Rio de Janeiro,
--Murals for Cravo&Canela Motel, state of Rio de Janeiro,
--Lobby Mural at the Squashworks Sports Club in Salt Lake City
--Murals at the Voney Pittombo residence, Rio de Janeiro,
--Abstract paintings for the Northern Trust Offices, the City of London,
--Various murals for cruise liners
--Murals on the Laing Estate, near Whitchirch, UK


Leleco Art, London;
London Contemporary Art, London;
Art for offices, London;
Workplace Art Consultancy, London;
Project Art, London;
Candido Mendes Center, Rio de Janeiro,
Susan Chew, London;
Isabel Ozores, Madrid
T. Gibo, USA;
ArcArtel, USA
City Gallery, London,
Thompson Gallery, London,
Walton Contemporary Art, London,

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